DIY Raised Garden Beds with Corrugated Metal: A few months ago my husband decided to appease my spontaneous idea of a garden and went a step further to build me a few beautiful raised garden beds with corrugated metal and redwood. Heres how to make them

264929967I remember a few years ago, when I only had a couple of raised garden beds, how determined I was to grow just about every vegetable there is in the tiny space. I would order way too many seeds, plant everything way too close to each other, and attempt to grow a spring, summer, and…Read More »

There’s nothing better than walking outside and picking the sweet fruits and vegetables from your own garden in your own yard. With this corrugated metal raised garden bed, you get the best of both worlds — the wonderful garden function and a beautiful addition to your yard.…

Here, we take a look at these fabulous raised garden-bed ideas that will transform your perception of raised garden beds. DIY Removable Greenhouse Covered Raised Garden Bed ;/п: To increase your yields and extend the growing season, consider making a removable greenhouse-covered raised garden bed. A covered garden will help keep the bugs away, and also, help protect plants from..