Lavender is one of the trickier perennial herbs to grow. It likes to be dry and warm, in a Mediteranean climate. When you live in one of the hardier growing zones, you need to know a few tricks to get lavender to succeed. But with these tips youll be able to grow lavender successfully in zones 5 to 3. Give lavender a try in your garden.

WINTER HARDY MIX Sempervivum Seeds A wonderful collection of evergreen, carpet forming succulents with thick, fleshy leaves that form small or large rosettes depending on the variety. Plants spread by producing little offsets (chicks) that cluster around the parent rosettes (hens). The clustered star-shaped summer flowers are often rosy-red but can also appear in shades of pink, yellow, white or green. Excellent in containers or rock gardens. Winter hardy to zone 5.

Marathon Bloomers Perennial Garden Plan Plant List A. 3 Daylily (Hemerocallis spp.), Zones 3-10 B. 5 Veronica, Zones 3-8 C. 3 Artemisia, Zones 7-9 or annual D. 3 Agastache, Zones 6-10 or annual E. 3 Yarrow (Achillea spp.), Zones 3-9 F. 5 Potentilla, Zones 3-7 G. 5 Crocosmia, Zones 6-9 or annual